Mi Padre Dios

2 05 2008

The Savior descended to earth to earth out of pity for the human race. He was subject to our passions before suffering the cross, before he had even deigned to assume our flesh: for if he had not first been subject to them, he would not have come to participate in our human life.

What is this passion that he first suffered for us? It is the passion of love.

But the Father himself, God of the universe, he who full of forebearance, mercy, and pity, does he not suffer in some way? Or are you unaware that, when he is occupied with human things, he suffers a human passion? “For the Lord your God has taken your ways upon himself just as one carries a child.”  God thus takes on our ways, just as the Son of God takes on our passions. The Father himself is not impassible! If one prays to him, he has pity and compassion. He suffers a passion of love.

-Origen, from the Homilies on Ezekiel