El futuro que se acerca y el pasado que nos hechiza – segunda parte

1 05 2008

A visit to a botanica, a charismatic prayer meeting, and a stuffy Latin Mass

I stumbled across an article in the conservative Catholic newspaper, Los Angeles Lay Catholic Mission entitled, I Don’t Do Black Magic: The Mysterious World of Botanicas. For my Anglo readers, a botanica is a religious store that has its roots in Afro-Caribbean santeria that sells everything from pagan statues to Catholic holy cards. The article documents how the use of botanicas is on the riseĀ among many Latino Catholics in this country. One can say that this is due simply to the fact that Latinos tend to be more superstitious than their Anglo neighbors (one only need to watch Mexican television for twenty minutes to find that out). However, the diagnosis of one expert was particularily enlightening in terms of what I have been thinking about recently viz a viz the changes in the Church in the last fifty years.

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