De Sole

24 04 2008

the Sun completely fills with light clear and pure natures everywhere, as if they are now, forĀ a moment, heavenly; while those opaque and material natures it first warms and kindles with its light, then refines, and soon illuminates. And sometimes it elevates to the heights through heat and light this matter now made light and accessible. Hence Apollo pierces the dense body of the Python with the strings of his rays, purges it, dissolves it, and raises it up. Nor must we forget that in whatever manner we hope that Christ will finally come into His kingdom, resurrecting human bodies from the earth with the splendor of His own body, similarily after the yearly dead winter, we look forward to the Sun’s reign in Aries, which will recall to life seeds of things on earth as if suddenly reviving dead or half-alive animals to life and beauty.

-Marsilio Ficino, Liber de Sole

AG reviewed this Terry Riley string quartet, Sun Rings, on her blog a few months back, and I added some commentary here. I thought recalling these things would be a good prelude/contrast to my next long post, which will probably be up tomorrow. Stay tuned.