Vinculum Vinculorum

23 04 2008

Out of this love for propagation, all things are created by Him. Therefore our Dionysius says, “Divine Love did not permit the king of all things to remain in Himself without issue.” The same instinct for propagation is infused into all things by that first author. Through this instinct holy spirits move the heavens and distribute their gifts to all inferior beings. Through this, stars scatter their light through the elements. Through this, fire moves air by communicating its own heat, air moves water, and water, earth. And vice versa, earth attracts water to itself, and water air, and air fire; and all herbs and plants, desiring to propagate their own seed, bear things like themselves. Brute animals also, and men, are led to procreate progeny by the enticements of the same desire.

-Marsilio Ficino, Commentary on Plato’s Symposium On Love