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19 04 2008

The featured link of this week is Biblioteca Arcana: a one-stop site for all of your inquiries into late pagan Roman and Greek theology and philosophy, as run by John Opsopaus. I especially recommend his extended essay, A Summary of Pythagorean Theology. Good stuff. The artwork shown above and below is also by the author, found on his site.



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21 04 2008
The Shepard

Some would say you historical figures have a point, but before getting into that stuff I could have built a gothic cathedral with bricks made of God’s silence…

19 04 2008
Thomas More

It would be preferable to burn Arturo Vazquez the neo-pagan at the stake.
However, always allowing him the keys to get out through his confession of his paganism and his confession (in a different sense) of loyalty to our Holy Mother the Church. Than he can be forgiven and not burned at the stake.
HIs dabbling in paganism is heterodox at best and heretical and dangerous witchcraft at worst.

19 04 2008

Now you are promoting idolatry. You have a pagan statue on your web page.
There is an image of someone worshipping a pagan god.

In earlier days you would of been on the rack.

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