My Theory of Everything…

18 04 2008

Well not everything…

I think that the crisis in the Church has nothing to do with modernity, Vatican II, the traditional Latin Mass, or anything of that sort, at least directly.

I think it has to do with sacreligious Communions. If, as the Apostle writes, bad Communions can be eating one’s own judgment, maybe a lot of bad Communions result in the harming of the health of the Church. Maybe we are eating our own punishment. And this may be the result of all the movements, from St. Pius X onward, to encourage frequent Communion, which is a good in itself, but has since made Holy Communion into a communal ritual without any implications of holiness in many places.  

Just a theory. Feel free to weigh in.

Sancta sanctis.



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25 04 2008
Pertinacious Papist

An interesting idea. Sacreligious Communions are certainly an evil, and perhaps much more evil than any of us think. Holy Communion has been often called the greatest Sacrament. What you say of Communion may be said of the others too, however. Yes, and why not? Sacreligious Confirmations? Baptisms? Matrimonial covenants? How often is the renewal of the marriage covenant upon the nuptial bed not a sacrelige? Did not St. Thomas Aquinas consider rape of a wife a graver sin than adultery? (ST, II-II, Q 154, a 12). And with the priestly sex scandal of the last thirty or more years, what about sacreligious Ordinations? Or are these all mere symptoms of something deeper too?

19 04 2008
19 04 2008

” many people are habitually receiving, but are not reaping the fruits of frequent Communion, properly received”

That says it all.

18 04 2008

You may be right, Arturo, and asimplesinner, you are certainly right when it comes to Confession.

One thing I DO know, whether or not all those sacrelegious Communions are occurring, is that there are certainly many, many negligent Communions taking place and therefore, many people are habitually receiving, but are not reaping the fruits of frequent Communion, properly received.

18 04 2008

I have seen remarkable holiness in “modern” parishes where the confessional lines are long every day… and seen traditional parishes of both the Eastern and Western variety where I would not trust folks to walk my dog.

This sacrament is key. And it is due for a resurgence. I have seen the fruit of Eucharistic adoration and marian devotion – two things that are far easier to sell from the pulpit. Confession is what will seal the deal and be the clincher.

18 04 2008

I could be wrong as I am a Western Latin Catholic BUT don’t the Orthodox and/or Oriental Orthodox and/or Eastern Catholics have less frequent communion and some Eastern spiritual writers that are critical of frequent communion vis a vis preparation, confession, and a diminishment of the Sacrament.

I don’t know but am bringing up a School of thought supporting or possibly supporting your perspective

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