The Maya Cosmos

17 04 2008

The Maya conceived of the world as a quadrilateral. At each of the cardinal points a Sky-bearer god sustained his quater of the world. Each Direction was identified by its own colour- red for the east, white for the north, black for the west, and yellow for the south- and possesed its own deities of wind and rain. At each corner of the world grew a tree, of the appropriate colour, while at the center, or the Fifth Direction, rose the great green silk-cotton tree, the Tree of the World, whose branches pierced the thirteen layers of the heavens. Below the world lay nine levels of the Underworld, a chill, bleak, shadowy place, where all Maya, save for those fortunate few  whose manner of death- in war, childbirth, or sacrifice- exempted them, were doomed to wander endlessly.

-Inga Clendinnen, Ambivalent Conquests- Maya and Spaniard in Yucatan, 1517-1570



One response

17 04 2008

I think the Christian Liturgy should be done in Nautl, Maya and Tarascan depending on geographic locale.
To be true to tradition–utilize indigenous costumes equivalent of vestments, art and architecture.
True incluturation

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