Le soleil vainqueur des nuages- Nicolas Clérambault

8 04 2008



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9 04 2008

What do you think of that Showtime TV cable show on THE TUDORS? (if you have seen it)
I actually think it has a good portrayl of THOMAS MORE (played by great English actor Jeremy Bentham) and JOHN FISCHER.
They are compelling and moral characters.
Plenty of sex and nudity and some burning of Lutherans at the stake by More but otherwise I think good albeit probably not historically accurate.

Since Arturo formerly the Sarabite/psueo-Iamblichus incarnated into the Reditus once worshipped at the adulterous schismatic altar of Henry VIII–I was curious what he thought.

some of you conservative Rad Trad Catholic Traditionalist Monarchists out there are actually favorable to the English Crown (obviously it should return to unity with Rome)

Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn and the “Reformers” do not come off well to me in this Showtime piece. There is sincerity in the devout Catholics (even with lecherous and greedy Cardinal Wosley at least as he approached death)

God Bless the Queen

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