On Happiness

7 04 2008


People want some profound happiness, one that is not shallow, one that lasts more than this moment. They want to be happy not as others are happy.

There is no such happiness. There is only this happiness, right now.

It’s all one happiness.



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9 04 2008

Happiness is being part of a Catholic Charismatic group, singing, waving hands, and being joyful in Jesus Christ.

Not the constipated, frowning faces, overly serious traditionalists arguing over semantics or rubrics.

7 04 2008

Who are the happiest people you know?
(no long discussions on what constitutes happiness go with your gut not a Greek epicurean v Plato discussion)

I have to say some of the Charismatic Catholics and Hispanic practicing Catholics are. Of course there are exceptions.
Also, I stayed briefly through with some Amish once and their sense of forgiveness and sense of Providence is profound which provides happiness.

One Lubavitcher Rabbi (although not all) was very happy, had a large family and drank a lot of vodka.

Although not all happy people I know are devoutly religious and certainly not academically knowledgable on religion or philosophy.

I heard the people of Fiji are very friendly and happy.

I actually don’t find a lot of hard core Catholic traditionalists that are happy nor the serious smart introspective philosophical types as very happy either.
And no I don’t think it is because they are like St. John of the Cross.

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