Stuff White People Don’t Like

1 04 2008


Those who know me personally know that I don’t wear my ethnicity on my sleeve. Regardless of my actual appearance, I speak English without the typical hint of a Spanish accent. Even in the context of California in the 21st century, this is enough to throw off even the most culturally astute person. “Do you speak Spanish?” is a typical question I get from people who are meeting me for the first time. I have thus gotten used to being able to assert my bi-culturalness in the face of the doubts of first impressions. Indeed, in spite of a cultural snobbery that I have been very careful in cultivating, the barrio kid comes out in very inopportune moments. (AG once had to explain to me at a table what a “charger” was.) And in spite of having been able to maneuveur through white society quite well, there are still things I don’t get, and things that I¬†know that, in order to like or understand them, you just have to be Mexican.
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