And a Bishop Williamson follow-up…

9 03 2008


Some of you may know that the good bishop spoken of here is in a good deal of trouble right now, not that  he cares or anything. I just find it interesting that the death of Western civilization in his eyes entitles him to say/believe anything he pleases. I suppose this is the danger of saying , “The problem with this society is…” It can lead to all sorts of slippery slopes.



One response

18 03 2008
Mike L


So Williamson is a right-wing crank. The SSPX brims with right-wing cranks. That’s why it doesn’t tempt most Catholics. It doesn’t even tempt most Catholics who remember, and/or like, what is now called the “extraordinary” form of the Roman Rite.

I say just let them sulk and pick at their sores.


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