How to make an idol

3 03 2008

thoth2.jpgOr: Fr. Ficino plays with fire

For a few years now, my admiration of paganism has become almost obsessive. My exposure to the idea that Catholicism is just a veiled form of paganism dates back to my youth. Of my mother’s eight brothers and sisters, three of them became evangelical Protestants shortly after coming to this country. The youngest, my tía Ale, married some evangelical guy from Michoacán (or “Michigan” as we affectionately call it thinking that it just might fool some people), and went off with him. They got a small house outside of Hollister nestled in a walnut grove. My new tío Paco was a cool enough guy. He took us kids walking through the countryside around the banks of the San Benito River. We picked tule and pretended to fight with it, and we saw crashed cars abandoned in a creek. We once played at a local park rolling down hill, and I got really sick to my stomach and he made a tea out of yerba buena, which settled my stomach as if it never happened. Read the rest of this entry »