17 02 2008


Gee, Arturo, why another blog? Yours was doing so well. Well, for starters, I think the aim of the Sarabite  has run its course. For those who have been with me since the beginning, you know that I have been through a lot, and have been a lot of people. The blog was really a way of working my way through a lot of issues, and I have since settled down quite a bit. So this blog will hopefully have a more mellow, if equally untame, character.

I have full knowledge that in spite of any talents for writing I may or may not have, this blog will always have a relatively small readership. That is primarily because I simply don’t see things as most people do, and I take pride in being as eclectic as possible when it comes to many of my interests. I would not want to write any other way.

But for the few and the strange who do read this blog, it is hoped that you will find the new blog more user friendly and pleasing to look at. I hope to have all of my links well organized, and I would hope that all of you will change over to my new address if you do link here.

 The name, “reditus”, comes from the Latin terminology of the Neoplatonic design for all existence: things come forth from God (“exitus”) only to return to Him (“reditus”). The “aesthetic Christianity” stays, since it is still my concern to begin to understand Christianity with the eyes and the heart rather than with the rational and calculating mind.

Anyway, here goes…



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20 02 2008

I’ll update links, RSS, et al when I get back home from out of town.

Glad to see I made the cut in the links section, though I’ve not been around of late.

I look forward to your continued exploits.

Jason K

19 02 2008
The Scylding

Best wishes with the new blog! And thanks for keeping the link to mine…

19 02 2008
Jonathan Prejean

Yeah, darn family keeps getting in the way of my blogging. Hanging out with the folks at Christmas, new niece, playing sports (both actual and Wii) with the kids…where are my priorities? 😉

Fortunately, I have been catching up on reading interesting stuff in the blogging hiatus, and I hope to cover some of it in the new series (Thinking about Entropy).

19 02 2008

I forgot that Prejean and I have the same name. I’ll just keep mine short from now on so the confusion doesn’t happen again.

Your new blog kicks face! Emphasis on the face kicking. *A good thing* At first I thought you were ending your blog when I saw the picture “CLOSED/CERRADO” for your last post in Sarabitus, so I was pleased to find that you’ve started a sweeter looking one with a new reason. Like Fr. Greg said, rock on.

Apparently Levi hasn’t checked Prejean’s blog as of late. He posted like four days ago on something other then football.

19 02 2008

Yeah seriously Jonathan P., what was the deal with those sunflowers?

Arturo, your blog is much more aesthetically pleasing.

And in reference to that quote of me…I was just jesting..please, don’t think I was trying to insult you. I love your blog….more than Prejean’s who’s quickly deteriorated into posts about football! Zubiri told me he doesn’t like football…hmph!

19 02 2008
Jonathan Prejean

I don’t think you missed anything. Of course, I’m not the Jonathan who made the remark, so I’m probably not the right guy to ask. 🙂

Besides, your website kicks the crap out of Perry’s. It’s been going downhill ever since he took the lightning off the top. OK, maybe with the possible exception of Daniel adopting as an icon an overgrown adolescent with a rage disorder, but I probably shouldn’t go there. 😉

18 02 2008
Arturo Vasquez


Did I miss something? I’m confused.

18 02 2008

“WordPress! He’s moving up to the likes of Perry Robinson.” – Levi

*Reads post*

“Ahhh! He’s such a Neo-Platonist. I think he’s the only Neo-Platonist I have respect for~” – Levi

“Lol.” – Jon

18 02 2008
Peter Escalante


We’re overdue for a beer. What does this week look like for you?

tierra y libertad,


18 02 2008

I hope you keep the old blog open, Arturo. There are some real classic posts over there!

18 02 2008

Rock on, Arturo.

17 02 2008
Huw Richardson

Love the new home. All RSSed up in my feeds and stuff.

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